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EHV-1 - Equine FLU - Strangles - MRSA - Ringworm - Aspergillus (airway restriction & bleeding)

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Equine Bio Genie 

Equine Bio Security, helping equestrians in the fight against infection, using Equine Bio Genie Fluid. The leading product is a unique combination of ingredients and can be used on all surfaces and equipment to minimise the risk of cross-contamination. It is safe for horses, people, and also the environment. Please call David to discuss how you can utilise EBGF or book a site visit.

Equine Bio Genie Services - Equine Bio Fluid Efficacy Trial
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While we were on the lookout for an effective disinfectant for Warwickshire Horse Transport we came across Equine Bio Fluid. We were so impressed with the product, the science, and the results it can achieve that we decided to partner with EBG and offer it as a complimentary service to help horses and their owners in the fight against infection.


Equine Bio Fluid is proven to be effective against Aspergillus (airway restriction and bleeding), Streptococcus (Strangles), Trichophyton (Ringworm), Staphylococcus (MRSA), and Influenza 'A' (Equine Influenza). You can read the science HERE.

Equine Bio Fluid can be administered in a variety of ways around your horse and his or her environment. Viruses, bacteria, mould, and fungus can have a massive impact on our horses as well as ourselves.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about how you can maintain your horses health and performance in a pathogen-free environment.


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Currently used by many equestrian professionals including champion National Hunt trainers, Gold Cup winning trainers, Grand National winning trainers, leading event riders, breeding centres and equine rehab centres.


  • No harmful chemicals present in many widely used disinfectants

  • Completely eco-friendly - degrades to water and oxygen

  • Approved for use in veterinary care facilities and animal husbandry

  • No known resistance

  • Healthcare Grade 

  • Safe for disposal into the water system

  • Can be used in trigger sprays, dipping bridles, soaking tack and in fogging machines, or knapsacks.


  • Evidence based research and peer reviewed trials conclude that the use of Dry Vapour technology is effective in combatting multi-drug resistant bacteria

  • Administered under heat & power, the system ensures FULL coverage, including those areas most hard to reach and often neglected

  • No moisture is left behind for bacteria to thrive in.


The health of every horse is important but protecting the airways and health of those that compete can be very challenging. EBGF helps in the fight against the pathogens that we cannot see.


  • Experienced team delivering a fast and effective service on location using Equine Bio Fluid (EBF) Vapour Machines

  • Areas generally covered: stables, tack rooms, staff areas, vehicles & lorries, and horse walkers

  • For a 15-box yard, inclusive of ancillary rooms such as tack rooms, the price is £200 (minimum call out fee is £150).

  • FREE confidential site consultation and quotation.


  • DEFRA approved

  • Efficacy Tested by the Irish Equine Centre – see full protocol

  • 30-Day Protection

Please click here to read the SCIENTIFIC DATA on Equine Bio Fluid
Please click here to read the current list of TESTED PATHOGENS
Please click here to DOWNLOAD the Equine Bio Fluid EFFICACY TRIAL
Please click here to read the current list of EQUINE PATHOGENS
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